Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo 2018

So two weeks ago, one week before the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo 2018 I got an email saying they had space for me if I would like to have a booth in Artists Alley.  It was short notice but after a quick convo with my better half we decided I should definitely go.  It has been a dream of mine since I began going to the expo 8 years ago and an actual goal of mine for a couple of years to get into the Calgary Expo Artist Alley.  Despite not really having too many new things to exhibit since Saskatoon it was a great time.  I had so many nice people come by my booth and pick up prints or at least have nice things to say.  I met some new fellow artists and after getting moved from no mans land beside the tattoo area got to sit behind my friend and amazing artist Tyler Holman.  I picked up some alcohol based markers on sale from a booth in Artist Alley and gave them a go doing some sketching at the con for the first time which was a lot of fun.  I am thinking I will open up to commissions at Edmonton and Saskatoon this year.  I was a little unsure about their decision to put all the Artist Alley in the Big Four building but it was actually great.  It meant a good majority of the people who came by were there to see art, not looking for that booth selling that pop figure they saw that time :D.  It was a great time, see you next year Calgary Expo.